Our Products

Kelley Honey Farms products are 100% U.S.A.  We are proud to provide our consumers with all-natural raw products, harvested completely in the United States of America. Our Texas bees produce honey from all regions of Texas including Greenville, McKinney, Weatherford Lubbock, Pleasanton, Edinburg, Liberty and Chicota.  Moving 14,000 hives to the best nectar flows across Texas produces Kelley Honey Farms over 1,000,000 pounds of honey per year.

Kelley Honey Farms packs a variety of different products, in multiple sizes, under various brand names.  We pack Raw Natural Honey, Pure Raw Comb Honey, Bees Wax, Bee Pollen, and Bulk Honey in a variety of honey flora.

Raw Honey

8 oz Raw Honey

8 oz Kelley’s Honey


12 oz Kelley’s Honey

24 oz Raw Honey

24 oz Kelley’s Honey

40 oz Raw Honey

40 oz Kelley’s Honey










12 oz Lone Star Honey

12 oz Lone Star Honey

16 oz Lone Star Honey

16 oz Lone Star Honey

32 oz Lone Star Honey

32 oz Lone Star Honey

Lone Star Honey

Lone Star Honey










Wildflower Unfiltered Honey


3 Lbs Stroope’s Wildflower Honey

5 LBS Wildflower Honey

5 Lbs Stroope’s Wildflower Honey

42 LBS Wildflower Honey

42 Lbs Stroope’s Wildflower Honey













Bee Pollen

3.5 oz Bee Pollen

3.5 oz Kelley’s Bee Pollen

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